What’s Fueling the Home Improvement Craze?

All of these factors have caused homeowners to turn to remodeling as an alternative to moving.

Equity Refinances Surge Despite Higher Mortgage Interest Rates

A sizeable percentage of homeowners are getting cash-out refinancing.2

Cash-out Refis in 2018 (projected): 40% of refinances - Cash-out Refis in 2012: 10% of refinances

Millennials haven't killed hombuying. In fact, they might just be saving it!

First-Time Homebuyers Outnumber Repeat Buyers3

Homebuyer chart showing first-time buyers exceeding repeat buyers.

Loans to Millennials4

Purchases made up 90% of closed loans. Refinances were only 8% of all closed home loans.

in July 2018

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Single millennials make up nearly half the population

of homebuyers born 1980-1999.4

Millennials: 48% single, 51% married

Single Millennial HomebuyersAverage amount borrowed: $172,904. Men 53%, Women 40%. Average FICO Score: 720.The cost of home purchasing for first-time buyers is expected to continue to rise as fewer homeowners sell “starter homes” and new construction fails to keep pace with housing demand.3

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Working together, we can reach the millennial market and help turn more renters into first-time buyers.

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